What Do You Do When An Absent Colleague's Mobile Phone Keeps Ringing?

You hear someone’s mobile phone ring in the next cubicle. The owner is absent in a meeting/out having a crafty smoke/sobbing about the US election results in the toilet. The ringing is loud and annoying and constant. How do you react?

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This happened in Allure HQ today, and Kotaku editor Mark Serrels suggested that it should be legal under those circumstances to smash the offending device with a hammer. I wouldn’t go that far, but what’s an acceptable reaction? I’m sometimes tempted to hang up the call, or hide the phone in a desk drawer. If the phone wasn’t locked, I’d dive in and change the ring tone and volume.

What do you do when this happens, especially with repeat offenders who don’t seem to realise that a mobile phone is, well, mobile? Share your ideas and strategies in the comments.

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