Swear At Voice Recognition Systems To Get To Real People Faster

You know the feeling: you’re ringing a customer service line and the company has an automated voice recognition system, which either fails to work at all or is painfully slow. Try swearing: in some cases, that will trigger a fast connection to a real live human operator.

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Motherboard reports on a Reddit user who found that swearing while on the phone to Apple speedily saw him connected to an actual person. I haven’t tested if the same option is possible for Apple Australia, but it wouldn’t be difficult to try the next time you’re stuck on the phone to someone.

Even if it doesn’t work, the swearing can be helpful; you’ll get the anger out of your system and can concentrate on getting what you want by being nice when you do eventually talk to someone. Call centres can track anger levels in live conversations, so the swearing detection doesn’t seem like a stretch.

If You Swear at Apple’s Automated Customer Service, They’ll Put You Through to a Human [Motherboard]

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