RetroUI Lets You Run Full-Screen Windows 8 Apps In Desktop Windows Mode

Windows 8: If Windows 8’s new interface is getting you down, RetroUI is a simple app that skips the Start screen and brings back the Start button,. The newest version brings even more features, including the ability to run Windows 8’s full-screen tiled apps in regular desktop windows.

We mentioned RetroUI as one of the best ways to fix Windows 8’s biggest annoyances. There are plenty of Start button restoration alternatives, including our favourite option Classic Shell.

The old version skipped the Start screen and brought back the old Start menu, just like lots of other apps — RetroUI’s new trick is to extend that approach into other areas, including the ability to squeeze Windows Store apps into a regular window and bring the taskbar into the tiled UI. If you want to run Windows 8 but don’t want it to look like Windows 8 at all, this is the way to go. (Though there is a point where you’d wonder why you upgraded at all if you go that far.)

RetroUI is a $US5 download for Windows machines, but you can access a free trial by hitting the link below.


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