No Australia Tax On New iMac Models

Apple’s new-model iMacs, which were announced in late October, officially go on sale on Friday November 30. Model prices start from $1429, and this time around there’s no evidence of an ‘Australia tax’ penalty in Apple’s Australian pricing.

Here’s the pricing you’ll pay for the new models in Australia, and the equivalent price in the US. The important point to remember is that the Australian price also includes GST, while the US price doesn’t include state sales taxes. If you add the 10 per cent GST to the US prices, they are virtually identical.

Model $AU Price $US Price
21.5in 2.7GHz $1429 $1299
21.5in 2.9GHz $1698 $1499
27in 2.9GHz $1999 $1799
27in 3.2GHz $2199 $1999

We’ve made the point before that when it comes to hardware, Apple no longer seems to charge wildly different prices in Australia and the US. Overcharging is more evident in music; AC/DC’s recent arrival on the iTunes store, for example, saw Australians charged $229.99 for its complete recordings, while Americans pay just $149.99. I’m all for calling out companies on dodgy pricing practices, and Apple’s refusal to make any public comment about its local music store pricing is lamentable, but it can’t be accused of blanket overcharging.


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