Automatically Delete Daily Deal Emails Using Gmail Filters

Back in August, a reader asked if it was possible to have Gmail automatically delete daily deal meals 24 hours after they arrived. That wasn’t an option at the time, but a new search option for Gmail means it’s now possible. Here’s how.

Commenter steven2358 points out that Gmail now has a search option, older_than:, which lets you find messages within a given relative time period. That makes it possible to create a filter which finds all messages from a given sender than are more than 24 or 48 hours old and delete them. Result!

To do this, create a search that finds all your unwanted deal messages. In the example screenshot, I’ve gone for from:Groupon. Then add the older_than:2d option. (That deletes messages after 48 hours; you could also use olderthan:1d for even faster deletion after 24 hours.) Click on the down arrow and choose ‘Create filter from this search’. In the filter options, choose ‘Delete it’ and create the filter. (You can also choose to apply the filter to existing messages.) From now on, daily deal messages will automatically be deleted after 24 hours. Thanks steven2358!

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