Why You Should Buy Your Formal Wear Used

It’s smarter to buy your tuxedoes, hats, cashmere sweaters and other more formal items second-hand whenever possible. As men’s clothing blog Put This On explains, it’s not just because it’s cheaper, but because second-hand formal wear is often better quality than new.

Jesse Thorn writes about seven items that make sense to buy used. Many items are the stuff of weddings, formals and other events that most of us will only encounter a few times in our lives. That’s a good reason alone not to hurt your credit card, but Thorn points out that you’ll probably get more use out of used goods:

Formal Wear Unlike most men’s styles, formal wear has remained largely static since it was codified at the beginning of the 20th century. That means that if you can find a conservatively-styled tuxedo from almost any era, it will be right at home today. The bonus: it’ll probably be better-made than all but the finest new equivalents. With a bit of diligence, you can find a great tuxedo for a hundred dollars or less.

What second-hand finds have improved your own wardrobe? What else would you recommend buying used?

Seven Things Better Bought Used [Put This On]

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