Google Nexus 4 And Nexus 10 Australian Release Plans And Prices

Google is expanding its Nexus range, adding a 10-inch tablet and a newly-updated Nexus phone to the series. Australia is amongst the handful of countries that get the devices in the first release batch. Yay!

Google’s Nexus 10 tablet has a 2560 by 1600 resolution, which is higher than the so-called retina display resolution Apple promotes. The 16GB model is $469, while the 32GB version is $569. (That competes well with the equivalent iPad Wi-Fi models, which are $539 and $649 respectively. Even if Google charges for shipping, which Apple doesn’t, it’s a cheaper device overall.)

The new Nexus 4 has some nifty features (inductive charging amongst them) and some notable omissions (no support for LTE). For Australian buyers, the most appealing aspect is that unlike previous Nexus-branded phones, it will be sold directly through Google, not via carriers. That should make it easier to get subsequent Android updates, since the process shouldn’t be carrier-dependent. An 8GB Nexus 4 will sell for $349, while the 16Gb model is $399.

The one new product we don’t appear to be getting in Australia yet? An updated Nexus 7 which lets you add a SIM card, an option Google is going to start selling on plans in the US.

Google hasn’t set an Australian launch date for the new devices, but you can sign up on Google Play for updates on when they’ll be released. A November shipping date seems likely given the announced US plans. All the new devices run Android 4.2, which was also announced today.

Nexus: The best of Google, now in three sizes [Official Google Blog]

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