KFC Sweet Sesame Crunch: What's The Damage?

After a brief return for the chicken-heavy The Double “burger”, KFC’s latest product launch is Sweet Sesame Crunch. How does it stack up against KFC’s existing products? Heavily, it turns out.

Sweet Sesame Crunch is fried chicken with “a sweet Asian-style glaze and roasted sesame seeds”. That description makes it sound like it will pack more kilojoules than regular KFC, and that proves to be the case. Here’s a breakdown of the kilojoule count for a typical single piece of chicken, compared to KFC’s other offerings:

  • Sweet Sesame Crunch: 1305kJ
  • Original Recipe: 893kJ
  • Original Recipe Fillet: 658kJ
  • Hot & Spicy Fillet: 778kJ

So not something you’d want to be eating large quantities of every day, then. Put it this way: you can eat two pieces of original recipe fillet for the same number of kilojoules.

The usual takeaway rules apply: don’t eat it regularly, don’t order the chips and ask for a diet drink and you’ll be OK. If you’ve given Sweet Sesame Crunch a try (there’s a $2 a piece offer running), tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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