Sony Offering Google TV In Australia

Google likes to take its time releasing products in Australia. I saw the original launch of Google TV back in May 2010, but it’s only now that we’re seeing a device that can run the Web-on-your-TV platform in Australia.

As Luke reports over at Gizmodo, Sony is planning to release a Google TV Internet Player and remote combo with its HX-750 and HX-850 TVs from June 28. There aren’t yet any plans to release it as a standalone item for converting other TVs, but if that did happen, Sony has suggested the combo would be valued at around $350. Sony is describing the deal as a “limited-time offer”.

That price makes it much more expensive than (say) Kogan’s $99 HDMI plug-in, but Google TV is rather more geared to usage on a large, distant screen. While some of the initial promise of the platform has been restricted because networks aren’t always super-keen to co-operate, having a system designed for “10-foot” access does make sense.

That said, if I was buying a new TV, I think I’d prefer Google TV built right-in rather than as a separate device. What do you think?

Google TV Finally Comes To Australia [Gizmodo]

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