Apple's New Employee Note: Inspiring Or Scary?

A picture doing the rounds claims to be the note presented to Apple employees on their first day at work. Would being told that you’re about to do the kind of work that you’ll want to “sacrifice a weekend for” make you feel like you’d arrived at your dream workplace, or would you run screaming for the hills?

We don’t know if the image is actually genuine, and it would obviously be a lot less relevant if you worked in the HR department than if you’re a software engineer. Having to work weekends is hardly an uncommon event these days anyway, and it is definitely easier to do if you enjoy the task at hand. But the extent to which that can be balanced with what is, in Apple’s case, indisputably a very controlling work environment is an open question.

Would you find this kind of message inspiring on your first day, or would panic start to creep in? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Instagram [via Ycombinator via Gizmodo]

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