Telstra 24x7 Is An Account App For iPad

I’d argue that not having carrier bloatware is one of the better things about owning an iPad. But if you are a Telstra customer and want to track your usage and accounts using an app, Telstra’s new 24×7 app will do the job.

The app lets you track usage (albeit with a 48 hour delay), pay your bill and link to Telstra support services. Telstra also boasts that the eight-month bill history could be useful at tax time, though realistically you’d want 12 months of data (and the app doesn’t work with business accounts, only personal ones).

What’s slightly strange about this is that Telstra has gone with the iPad first, rather than releasing an iPhone version which would naturally also work on the tablet. An iPhone release is promised in the future, along with “other phone platforms” (which I assume means Android and WP7) and a Facebook-integrated release.

Telstra 24×7 [via Telstra Exchange]

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