OzForex Is An Online-Only Prepaid Travel Money Card

Prepaid travel money cards are very handy when travelling overseas. The newly launched multi-currency OzForex prepaid travel card has two obvious advantages: an entirely online application process, and no fees for reloading the card with extra money.

You can store up to nine currencies on the MasterCard-based card, which makes it useful for multi-country trips. You can top up the card in advance of a trip, letting you take advantage of favourable exchange rates for long-planned trips. While there’s no fee for topping up the card, there is a one-off initial load fee of $15 when you set it up (and, as with most travel cards, a fee when you use overseas ATMs). Comparison site Mozo, which offers a travel card comparison option, ranks the card highly.

Lifehacker is planning on testing out the OzForex shortly; in the meantime, there’s a contest running for the launch offering the chance to win $1000 on a card.


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