The Tabbed Home Screen

Lifehacker reader Dandylion took a very different approach to organising his home screen, using the Sweeterhome Launcher to give it a tabbed organisation. Here’s how.

The home screen isn’t actually that heavily modded, but uses a very cool, very unique launcher called Sweeterhome, not yet available in the Market:

This is my Samsung Galaxy S II running CyanogenMod. This screen is made using the Sweeterhome Launcher for Android. All the elements you see on the screen, including the coloued dock on top and the clock and date on the bottom are part of the launcher itself. For each dock text icon, a folder/tray pops-up which contains relevant apps or contacts or bookmarks, depending on what you put in there. For instance, I have set the Phone icon to open three trays each containing a scrollable contacts list on the screen itself, recent calls (missed or otherwise) and a quick dial contact list respectively.

There isn’t much to give in terms of detail since all theme elements are part of the launcher, if you’re using the launcher you can download this and many other user-submitted themes from within it. Widgets can be added anywhere on the screen and can be associated with the dock icons so they hide/show with it or they can be made to show at all times. I’m using Jorte widget under the calendar tab, it only shows when the icon’s active. The launcher’s very customisable and offers amazing flexibility with theming; I’m submitting this just so more people can get to know about it (and no, I’m not associated with Sweeterhome in any way, just a very big fan).

Apart from Sweeterhome, Dandylion is also using:

  • The “Arrow” theme for Sweeterhome, which you can get in the launcher.
  • This wallpaper, from Wallbase
  • A modified status bar, part of the Lunar UI theme for CyanogenMod 7 (which you can install via CyanogenMod’s Theme Chooser)

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