Optus To Buy Vividwireless, That Won't Help Much

Optus is buying out mobile broadband provider Vividwireless, a move it says will enable it to build a “faster 4G network”. Based on my own experience of Vividwireless’ sub-optimal service, I suspect its money may have been better spent elsewhere.

Optus is paying $230 million for Vividwireless, which seems to me an awful lot of cash for a network which proved all but useless when I tested in the centres of Australia’s biggest cities, Sydney and Melbourne. Optus’ key aim with the acquisition is 2.3GHz spectrum which Vividwireless owns, which Optus says it will use to build an LTE-TDD network alongside its existing 1800MHz LTE network which is due to launch in April. That additional spectrum might help Optus avoid speed hump issues, though it will need to improve delivery if it wants that to make any real difference.

The acquisition requires ACCC approval and there’s no immediate word on what will happen to existing customers. Once current customer contracts expire, I’d be surprised if the same deals are in place. If you’re an existing Vividwireless user, we’d love to hear your reaction in the comments.

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