Kogan Apologises For Bad Christmas Service

Christmas sales surges often put a strain on online retailers; just ask Big W. Kogan has taken the unusual step of apologising for service issues experienced by some clients over the Christmas period, pledging to double its staff numbers and improve response times after a number of complaints.

In a post on the Kogan company blog, founder Ruslan Kogan says that business had grown 408 per cent during December compared to the previous year, and that despite some staff working 16-hour days not everything could be dispatched in a timely fashion. That’s doubtless a problem some retailers would love to have, but it’s not an issue any retailer wants; after all, the space remains keenly competitive and alternative sources are only a click away.

One promised future improvement: live order tracking, which is a common option for many overseas online stores but lacking in most Australian sites.

Do you think apologising is a smart move? Did you experience good or bad service from Kogan over December? Tell us in the comments.


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