Smoking In A Warehouse Was A Data Disaster

Lists abound at the end of the year, but one of my favourites is the roundup of data disasters seen in the laboratories of recovery firm Kroll Ontrack. The best story? It involves a security guard, a cigarette and 44 ruined PCs.

Picture by Chris Davis

This is the sorry saga direct from the Kroll Ontrack blog:

A newly hired security guard was doing his first evening security check in a chemical ingredients warehouse. While he was informed that smoking is forbidden, he pondered who could possibly spot him enjoying a cigarette after company hours. After it was lit, the fire alarm sounded and prompted the anti-fire sprinkler system. All the electronic equipment, including 44 desktops and two servers, were flooded.

While the data was recovered, it was an expensive exercise. All these stories serve as a reminder that having a multi-tiered backup strategy — including both local hard drives and cloud options — is your best protection against data loss. Hit the link for the other tales of woe.

2011 Top 10 Data Disasters

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