Kogan Says It Is Sending Out Some Free TVs

Kogan’s offer to give a free TV to anyone who found a cheaper price on a comparable model raised a lot of interest last week, and also a lot of scepticism: many readers predicted it would avoid any payouts by carefully manipulating its terms and conditions. In its latest post on the scheme, Kogan says it is indeed sending out some TVs as a result of the promotion.

The post identifies four people who will be sent a TV, including one who talked about their win on our sibling site Gizmodo. Unsurprisingly, however, the main result of the promotion has been that JB has dropped some prices and then Kogan has dropped its matching prices just below that level. Sure, that doesn’t mean you get a free TV, but it does drive down prices.

The bigger challenge — and the one we don’t see Kogan doing in a hurry — would be price-matching more generally, not just with specific retailers. But if prices are lower for a while, I’m finding it hard to see that on balance as a negative. Your thoughts?


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