Australia's Average Broadband Speed: 384Kbps

For early adopters like Lifehacker readers, average numbers make surprising and depressing reading. So just as people were astonished to learn that the average Aussie only downloads 6GB a month, I suspect a study suggesting that the average download speed in Australia is just 384Kbps will be greeted with hoots of astonishment.

Our own Lifehacker Speed Wave suggested an average download speed of 29.59Mbps, but that number is somewhat influenced by a large number of tests from universities and other organisations with high-speed connections, and can’t claim any real statistical validity. In the Pando Networks test, even traditional broadband powerhouses such as South Korea have lower numbers than you might expect, but they still outrank our national average pretty handily.

Average Aussie Broadband Speed Is 348KBps [Gizmodo via Pando Networks via Huffington Post]

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