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Google's Content Farm Tweak Killing Off Cheap Writing Jobs

We’ve already seen Google’s “Panda” tweaks to its search algorithms to de-emphasise low-quality generic articles from “content farms” having a significant impact on search results. Unsurprisingly, that has also resulted in a massive drop in low-paying freelance writing jobs designed to populate those sites.

In its quarterly Fast 50 ranking of the most active work categories, freelance job exchange noted a major decline in the availability of content writing jobs. Here’s how summarised that trend in its press release:

Article Submission jobs are down 29% (shedding 2011 jobs), Copywriting is down 19% (shedding 1300 jobs) and Ghostwriting is down by 12% (losing 435 jobs). These numbers are particularity noticeable as writing jobs had been experiencing massive leaps in growth quarter on quarter since the inception of This will come as quite a blow to many online writers who will now have to compete in more competitive categories.

I’m no fan of seeing writing opportunities decline, but writing low-value content for peanuts isn’t a good way to build a reputation. if you’re a freelancer who has experienced the rough end of this shift, we can lend a sympathetic ear in the comments.

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