Prevent Office Wrist Pain With A Bit Of Morning Yoga

An entire day of sitting at your computer can make your wrists feel like they’re going to fall off. Help avoid that pain by stretching your wrists out in the morning with these exercises.

We’ve shown you how to ergonomically optimise your workspace, but if you still find that you have a bit of wrist pain after sitting at your desk for so long, Expert Village shows us a few yoga-inspired wrist exercises you can do in the morning to get yourself a bit more loosened up. It’s just one more quick way to make sure you don’t suffer from Repetetive Strain Injury from sitting at that desk all day. Hit the link to see more wrist-healthy exercises from tech blog Unplggd, and if you’re a Windows user, be sure to check out Workrave for even more anti-RSI goodness.

Exercise Your Wrists & Prevent Strain with These 4 Videos [Unplggd]

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