How Much Of A Bargain Is Aldi's 1TB External Drive?

Aldi has another of its customary “get to the store first thing or it will sell out” tech deals tomorrow. $79 for 1TB of external storage is a pretty good deal, but not an entirely unique one.

We’ve made the point in other contexts that while Aldi is good value, it isn’t always cheaper than its competitors. The same holds here.

Yes, this is a better deal than the requiring-power-supply drive that Aldi had for a similar price last year. However, a quick search on StaticIce reveals a lot of similarly priced offers. The main distinguishing feature for the Aldi offering is USB 3.0, which is a good choice if your laptop or PC is one of the relatively rare models which supports it, but won’t make any practical difference otherwise.

Aldi [via OzBargain]

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