A List Of Free Spirit Level Apps For Your Mobile Phone

We mentioned a spirit level as a tool box essential earlier this week, and noted that this was now a function you can easily perform with your mobile phone. Here’s a roundup of the (many) free apps available to turn your phone into a useful spirit level.

There are plenty of paid-for spirit level apps out there too, but given the prevalence of free options, it’s hard to see why you’d pay for one. We’ve rounded up all the available options for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 (the only BlackBerry app we could find was a paid-for option) — which one you pick is likely to be as much a matter of aesthetics as anything else. If you’ve got a particular favourite, tell us why in the comments.



Windows Phone 7

(To download Windows Phone 7 apps, search for them on the Marketplace on your device.)

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