Use Airplane Mode As An Alternative To Silencing Your Phone

On most phones, putting the phone on silent turns off all sounds — even the alarms. Here’s a trick for using your phone as an alarm clock without getting woken up by notifications all through the night.

We’ve mentioned how Airplane Mode can silence your phone while keeping it usable in conversations, but this is another application we never thought of. Since Airplane Mode doesn’t actually silence your phone, it means the alarms will still sound — but you won’t get any incoming notifications. Perfect for when you’re going to sleep and only want to be woken up by your phone once, instead of all through the night. Once you wake up, you can just turn off aeroplane mode and all your emails, text messages and other notifications will come through so you can start your day.

iPhone and iPad Tips of the Week – Silence Your iPhone So you Can Sleep [Mac|Life]

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