Nexus S Goes On Sale In Australia From Vodafone This Friday

A month after announcing it would sell the Nexus S in Australia, Vodafone has set an on-sale date: Friday March 11 at 9am. Like the original Nexus, you’ll only be able to order it online. Read on for our roundup of the plans it’s available on.

Vodafone will offer the phone on both its Infinite and Cap plans on a 24-month contract. Here’s the full details (per Vodafone’s email to prospective customers — the prices haven’t hit its site as I write this):

There’s no word on outright purchase prices, but realistically many people who wanted just the phone would have purchased it from overseas already. The main difference between the $45 and $65 Infinite plans is the data allowance (1GB versus 2GB), so unless you’ll be doing a lot away from Wi-Fi, $1,440 looks like the realistic cheapest deal (the $29 Cap plan offers a uselessly minimal 200MB in data).

Do those prices sound good, or are you already waiting for the next generation of Android handsets? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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