Larger Companies Still Wary Of Adopting Google Docs

Obviously we love Google Docs around here for its free storage, easy sharing and collaborative features. But while Google likes to boast every time it attracts a major corporate user, market research suggests that an enormous majority of businesses are still favouring Microsoft’s Office suite.

In a presentation at Gartner’s Infrastructure & Operations Data Centre summit in Sydney today, Gartner analyst Annette Jump noted that just 1% of Gartner clients were using Google Docs at the end of 2010. The most popular option? The aging (but ribbon-free) Microsoft Office 2003, which is still used by 57% of those asked, followed by 2007 with 39%. And even when Docs is chosen, it isn’t necessarily a replacement, as Jump explained:

About 2% of businesses in the installed base are planning to run Google Docs by the end of this year. In many cases those are not run as a replacement for Office, but as an additional resource.

Obviously Gartner’s client base — large enterprise users — is conservative in adopting new technologies, and those figures wouldn’t include “unofficial” use of Google’s services (or Microsoft’s free online alternatives) by individual workers. Nonetheless, it’s a sobering reminder that jumping to cloud-based apps isn’t going to happen in a hurry, no matter how seemingly obvious the benefits.

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