Astonishingly, Beetroot In A Chocolate Cake Works Well

Last week, after sharing the idea that beetroot was a useful if non-obvious ingredient in a chocolate cake, I promised to actually test out the recipe over the weekend. Despite being a fairly rubbish cake cook and a totally non-dab hand with the icing, it turned out really well.

Since I don’t actually own a food processor, my pureed beetroot was fairly chunky, but I think that was a plus: the end result is rather like a chocolate fruit cake, and the beetroot really does offset the sweetness and add some impressive moisture. The suggested icing was astonishingly rich, and in some ways I think the cake would be even nicer without it. Potential bakers be warned that it’s an enormous slab of cake when it’s done: I’m going to be eating slices out of airtight containers for weeks. Next time I make it on this scale, I’ll definitely organise a dinner party beforehand.

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