Use A Top Cloth To Stop Paint Splattering When You Close The Can

You finished a major painting project and done most of the clean-up — then you hammer the lid back on the can and drops of paint go everywhere. Lifestyle magazine Notebook offers a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that? solution which eliminates that hassle.

Picture by zen

The latest issue of Notebook (which is also the final issue, alas) offers this simple tip for eliminating that hassle:

To avoid paint splatter when sealing a tin of paint, cover the lid and tin with a cloth before tapping the rim with a hammer.

I’ve painted a fair whack of rooms in my time, but this had never occurred to me (proving there’s always something new to learn). Got your own fast post-painting cleanup tricks? Share them in the comments, and check out how to paint a room more efficiently.

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