Do You Want iPad-Ready Clothing?

We’ll be honest: we couldn’t imagine there’s a huge market for clothing with a built-in iPad carrying pouch. Nonetheless, Australian manufacturer iClothing is selling a dress and T-shirt with iPad pockets, which raises a broader interesting question: do you need a separate carrying strategy for the iPad?

If your main interest is in using the iPad as a lazing around at home media viewer, the answer is almost certainly no. And if you’re planning to use the iPad as a kind of netbook-lite for occasional work stuff on the road, then there’s no reason why it couldn’t go into any existing notebook bag (though a sleeve to protect the screen might be a wise idea).

With that said, and despite our cynicism, the iDress has apparently already sold out its first run, so clearly there’s some demand. What would be your ideal way to carry an iPad around? Share your ideas in the comments.


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