How Long Do You Ignore Your Alarm Clock?

Be it a bedside device or a smart phone, most of us still rely on an alarm clock to get up and head to work. But just how long do we think we can get away with ignoring it?

Picture by alancleaver

A survey by UK newspaper Metro produced the hardly-astounding conclusion that getting paid well makes most people happier in their jobs, but also looked at how quickly people get up for work. 40% of people rise as soon as they first hear the alarm, resisting using the snooze alarm. Age was a major varying factor, with younger people more likely to oversleep and those over 55 increasingly spurning a clock at all. (For a more thorough approach to waking up, try a smoke alarm clock.)

While those figures were interesting, they are UK-based, so I’m wondering: how do Lifehacker readers react to the morning alarm? Do you wake five minutes before it, race for the snooze, or hide it over the other side of the room so you have to get up to switch off? Sound off in the comments.

‘Big salary is key to happiness at work’ according to latest survey [UK Metro]

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