Earth View Puts Google Earth Inside Google Maps On The Web

Windows/Mac: Now you can navigate the world’s terrain, great cities’ buildings and your favourite restaurants in 3D, without having to install a hefty separate application. Google Earth has arrived in Maps in a new “Earth” view, and it’s pretty great.

Google Earth itself still has merit, mind you. The stand-alone application still supports KML files, oc+ean, sky and even Mars views, historical layers and that oh-so-nifty flight simulator, among other advantages. But if you’re looking to get a new look at a destination — like, say, what that Eyjafjallajokull volcano looked like in less eruptive times — or skim an area with an angular satellite view, Maps’ own Earth view is all you need.

Using Earth View requires the installation of a browser plug-in that is, at the moment, available for Windows and Mac. Chrome users may not need to install the plug-in, but I seemed to require it in Windows.

Earthly pleasures come to Maps [Official Google Blog]

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