Does Ubuntu's New Window Design Bite?

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx introduced many design changes, including moving menu buttons from the right of windows to the left. Was that a sensible move?

At ZDNet, Chris Duckett argues that while he respects Ubuntu’s decision to both make the change and stick with it despite a lot of user outcry, the designers clearly haven’t thought through the implications of changing both the order and position of commonly-used tasks:

By moving the close button to directly above the File menu, an already crowded area of the desktop, Ubuntu got dangerous. At least having the close button on the inside meant it was difficult to hit by accident. Now Ubuntu has put an ejector seat button next to regular functionality.

Do you think Ubuntu’s latest design causes more problems than it solves, or are you grooving with its new potential? Tell us in the comments.

New Ubuntu look too destructive [ZDNet]

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