Friday, April 30, 2010
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Open A File Browser From The Command Prompt

Even if you’re a command-line devotee, sometimes it’s just way easier to use the mouse and a GUI to navigate to the file than to type out a long path name. This clever trick will pull up a file browser on demand. Catalogues Current And Historical Vinyl Record Offerings

If you’re a fan of keeping your music old school and vinyl, you’ll want to check out, a site focused on cataloguing vinyl records old and new and helping you find places to buy them.

XP-More Extends Windows 7's Virtual Machine Management

Windows: The built-in virtual machine system in Windows 7 is bare bones. If all you need is to launch XP-mode to run an occasional application, not an issue. XP-More makes managing, creating and copying virtual machines easier.

Free Comic Book Day Is This Saturday

Yes, another year has gone by: Saturday May 1 is Free Comic Book Day, when comic retailers across the globe offer free and unique titles to enthusiasts (and anyone else who walks in). Here’s where you can get your free titles.

pptPlex Adds Office 2010, Multi-Touch Support

pptPlex, a Microsoft Labs-created add-in for PowerPoint that makes presentations more interactive, hasn’t seen a lot of development since it appeared back in 2008. A new update gets the add-in working for users of the forthcoming Office 2010 release.

KISS' Gene Simmons: Pro-Lists, Anti-BlackBerry

If you were going to list Gene Simmons’ skills, fire-breathing, random casual sex, bass playing and hype would all be on the list. But the veteran of rock band KISS is also something of an organisation freak.

Stop Windows Update Rebooting Without Asking

Make no mistake — running Windows Update is an essential part of keeping your PC secure. But there’s nothing more annoying than Windows suddenly deciding that it’s going to install an update and shutting everything down in front of your eyes without so much as a dialog box appearing. Here’s how to stop that happening.

Switch Off Social Features in Google Reader

For some people, the ability to share items and follow other people is one of the major attractions of Google Reader. But if you prefer to fly solo in a cleaner interface and want a way to switch off all the social features, you can do that with a little URL hacking.

USB Safeguard Encrypts Portable Flash Drives, Securely Deletes Files

Windows only: USB Safeguard is a portable program that encrypts files on your flash drive in case you lose it. It also stores your email or phone number or shreds files in case you lose it.

Thwart Antivirus-Crippling Malware By Changing File Extensions

Certain annoying types of malware stop your antivirus program from running (stopping you from removing the malware). If it’s of the less intelligent variety, you can outsmart the virus by changing your antivirus apps’ file extension to something besides .exe.

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