Monday, April 12, 2010

Index Your Files Catalogues Local And Network Files For Speedy Search

Windows: If all you need is local search you have many great search tools to choose from — like the lightning-fast Everything — but it gets sparser when you look for local and networked. Index Your Files covers both bases effectively.

Site Speed Now A Factor In Google Rankings

Google announced in an official blog post that, a few weeks back, they began considering site response speed in a web page’s ranking in search results. Google has been all about speed for some time, but this subtle introduction could eventually mean big things for sites that put a priority on swift loading — and for those that don’t seem to care at all.

GoodReader Handles Huge PDFs And Ebooks On iPhones, iPads

iPhone/iPad: The native PDF reader on portable Apple devices isn’t quite a genius app, especially with larger files. To read huge PDFs, Office docs and other documents, and grab them over Wi-Fi, Dropbox or other web services, try GoodReader.

QSynergy Makes Multi-System Control Easier And Prettier

Windows/Mac/Linux: It continues to amaze, just how easy it is to control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse with Synergy. QSynergy clamps a crisp, generally easy-to-grasp interface onto Synergy, giving it the update its long deserved.

The Case For Ignoring People At Work

37Signals honcho and Rework author Jason Fried explains why his company, and perhaps yours, benefits mightily from making passive tools like web chat, IM and even email a default communication tool, rather than calling meetings, yelling names and knocking on doors.

DIY IKEA Lack Postcard Table

We’ve highlighted lots of ways to update the humble IKEA Lack table, but here’s a neat and cheap option: use free postcards from your local cafe (or your next holiday) and fix them under glass for a cheap, personal customisation.

Change Outlook's Default Appointment Length

A useful but hard-to-locate tweak for Outlook: its calendar defaults to 30-minute appointments, but if you want to break up your day into smaller or larger chunks, you can also choose 5, 6, 10, 15 or 60 minute gaps. Just right-click on the Calendar, choose Other settings and pick your time setting. For more calendar trickery, learn how to customise customise how many days you can see ahead. [via Crabby Office Lady]

The Pros And Cons Of Credit Card Security Revisited

My Road Worrier column on when credit cards go wrong travelling overseas attracted a lot of interesting comments. Here’s some further thoughts on the topic, based around my own recent experiences travelling in Europe

Make Giant Rubber Bands From Old Rubber Gloves

Last week we noted that rubber bands are a great way to stop people confusing their drinks at parties. Reader Gillian Blackford chimed in with another useful rubber band trick: make your own rubber bands for storage using old washing-up gloves.

White And Blue: An Office-in-a-Closet Makeover

Stealing the spare square footage of an unused closet is a great way to squeeze out a little nook for your home office — unless it ends up being an eyesore. Today’s featured workspace is an office-closet remade.