Use Photography To Overcome Shyness

Taking photographs isn’t just a great way of recording experiences — according to veteran photographer David Hurn, it’s also a useful way of overcoming shyness.

Picture by julishannon

While Hurn has taken photographs all over the world, including iconic 1960s film images from the James Bond series and Barbarella, that didn’t mean he was bursting with confidence. Instead, as he explained at the recent Focus on Imaging conference in Birmingham, taking up photography as an army hobby helped him control his shyness:

I’m extremely shy but full of curiosity — the camera helps you get over shyness. You hide behind the camera and it gives you a reason to be somewhere. If you’re polite and you show a genuine interest, people embrace you.

While there’s always a subset of people who will have the opposite reaction, it’s certainly true that the camera can be a useful passport into unfamiliar situations.

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