Skype Giving Away Free Wi-Fi This Weekend

There’s plenty of ways to find free Wi-Fi, but if you’re stuck somewhere this weekend and need to connect your PC quickly and cheaply, a promotion by Skype offering free Wi-Fi at 100,000 locations worldwide might be just the ticket.

For 48 hours from 1100 (Australian daylight savings time for the Eastern states) on Saturday, you can log in using any of around 112 Wi-Fi hotspot providers without charge. Skype’s own list of locations is rather tragically short on detail and doesn’t offer a lot of obvious Australian options, but it seems international airports are pretty well covered.

The stunt has been designed to promote the option in Skype 4.2 that lets you use paid call credit to also pay for Wi-Fi access. As such, the one catch is that you need to be running Skype 4.2 to get the freebie connection (which also means the deal is Windows only).

Worldwide weekend of free WiFi with Skype Access [Skype Blog]

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