How Do You Fix Bad Skin Tones In Photographs?

One of the trickier tasks in tweaking digital photographs is dealing with human skin tones; go too far and everyone looks like they’ve been attacked by aliens. How do you deal with fixing pictures where people are a prominent feature?

Digital photography guru Helen Bradley offers some useful tips on fixing up skin tones as part of a series on image workflow and making the most of your photos. The specifics fix relate to Photoshop Elements, but there’s one general hint that’s worth noting:

If you don’t get good results sampling from a person’s face, try sampling on their neck or arm – sometimes makeup on the face can give poor results and skin not covered in makeup gives better results.

The overall technique described in the post is definitely handy if you do own Elements, but many of us favour a different image editor. What are your best tactics for dealing with skin tones and other human-specific photo editing challenges? Share your wisdom in the comments.

Photo-editing workflow – Fix skin tones [Project Woman]

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