Forget Earth Hour And Do Something Useful Instead

This Saturday marks the annual Earth Hour event, a largely meaningless piece of slacktivism where people pretend that one hour of environmental posing by switching off lights is more important than long-term behavioural change. Ignore the candle crusade and do something over the weekend that will have a more permanent environmental impact.

If you’re going out on a Saturday night, then Earth Hour is largely meaningless anyway. If you’re staying in, consider the following more useful permanent tactics rather than sitting around feeling smug in the dark:

  • Configure power management properly on your PC. Unless you’re a frequent notebook user, chances are you haven’t taken advantage of the power management options in most modern OSes. Setting them sensibly can make a permanent difference to your power usage.
  • Try and stop using multiple monitors. Yes, modern LCDs use a lot less power than old-style CRTs. On the other hand, three of them still uses way more power than one.
  • Apply environmental criteria to your gadget purchases. Gadget purchases are often irrational (how else to explain people signing up to buy iPhones without knowing the plan cost?) Greenpeace’s gadget rankings provide more solid reasons to shun or support particular products. You can also apply similar logic to your car.

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