Wotflight Searches Multiple Airlines, At A Cost

Need to take a domestic flight and aren’t too fussed about who to fly with? Wotflight will hunt down fares across most domestic airlines, but you’ll pay for the privilege.

Ask LH: What Are The Best Coding Resources For A Teenager Who's Just Beginning?

Dear Lifehacker, I'm a teenager in year 10 and I've started looking at things like programming and coding. I was wondering if you could tell me how to get started with programs like C and Python? I've struggled to find helpful tutorials online for teenagers.

The Cultural History Of Beardy Men [Infographic]

Beards are so hot right now. But just like an outdated movie catch phrase, their time in the sun usually wanes. Throughout the centuries, the concept of facial hair as a fashion statement has rose and fallen in hirsute waves; dropping out of favour one decade and bristling back into prominence the next. This infographic charts the fascinating history and cultural/religious significance of the beard -- from 3100 BC to the present day.