Regional Viewers Still Short-Changed On HD

It took most of 2009 for the commercial TV networks to actually roll out their extra digital channels, and for regional viewers it took even longer. Now it turns out that getting those stations sometimes comes with a nasty extra sting: a loss of HD options.

Lifehacker reader John C wrote in from Queensland to share his experience:

Win HD stopped broadcasting on the Darling Downs ages ago when Go! came on line. Since then they’ve been broadcasting an apology, and a promise to roll it back out soon. Well I finally got sick of the promise and emailed them for an answer, and they actually emailed me back!

WIN assured John that the HD channel would return after the Winter Olympics. That’s an OK outcome, I guess, but given the constant emphasis that’s been placed on HD by TV networks (and TV store salespeople), it’s still disturbing (though hardly unprecedented) to see this kind of chopping and changing.

Are you getting the digital TV service you want, or have the changes in the last year left you HD-free too? Transmit your thoughts in the comments.

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