More Useful Ways To Use Google Wave

The most common question about Google Wave is “what on earth would I actually use it for?”. Gina offered up some ideas on this last week, but Google developers have some more suggestions.

Google developer relations worker Pamela Fox suggested a list of ideas on how to use Wave for everyday tasks during her presentation at the Google Wave miniconf at (This was the same event that convinced me that taking conference notes with Wave is going to have to wait a while.) Some of these are pretty familiar — writing collaborative drafts or working on event plans with other people — and some are fairly developer-centric, like triaging bugs in software.

Two unusual options are using Wave to practice language learning, which gives you the comfort of attaching translation gadgets for unfamiliar vocabulary but forces you to communicate in actual sentences if you find speakers to practice with, rather than using just individual words or fragments. Fox also noted that waves can be used to populate FAQ documents, with key information pulled from them automatically.

If you have a Wave account, you can check out Pamela’s full presentation in Wave form here.

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