Dodo Still Drawing Huge Volumes Of Complaints

DodoThe latest issue of the TIO’s statistics on who gets complained about the most show that we’re more than willing to fight the good fight if we don’t get the telecommunications service we want. They also demonstrate that Dodo doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

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The 10 most complained about providers in the country are, according to the figures (and with different divisions of the same company combined, something the TIO doesn’t do in its own chart):

  1. Telstra (combined) (73,575 complaints)
  2. Optus (combined) (20,182 complaints)
  3. Vodafone (combined) (16,994 complaints)
  4. AAPT (4,355 complaints)
  5. Virgin Mobile (3,633 complaints)
  6. Soul (2,647 complaints)
  7. Dodo (2,578 complaints)
  8. TPG (2,485 complaints)
  9. Primus (1,916 complaints)
  10. Gotalk (1,082 complaints)

As ever, it’s no surprise that Telstra, Optus and Vodafone get the most complaints — they’re the three largest providers. What sticks out, as ever, is the appearance of Dodo, whose volume of complaints seems out of all proportion to its market presence. Dodo has also gotten into trouble for inappropriate telemarketing in the past.

What issues bug you most at your ISP? Get it off your chest in the comments.

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