Do You Need A Physical Keyboard On Your Phone?

Blogger Tim Bray writes that he won’t consider any phone without a hardware keyboard. Apple commentator John Gruber replies that, for most people, the iPhone’s software keyboard works just fine. We’re wondering where our type-savvy readers fall on that choice.

Photo by Al Pavangkanan.

Bray and Gruber essentially agree that typing on a smartphone is something the average mobile phone user isn’t doing yet, but will someday soon. Bray suggests that hardware keyboards, like those on BlackBerries, Nokia smartphones and the Palm Pre are an important feature that make typing easier. Gruber suggests that given either hardware or software keyboards, most people will be typing well enough on them with about a week’s worth of practice to find them useful.

How do you see smartphone keyboards evolving? Do you believe the familiarity and feedback of a hardware keyboard makes entering letters and words easier, or can a software keyboard with smart correct/replace/suggest features function just as well? We want to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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