KFC Pushes Grilled Chicken As "Healthy" Choice

kfcChances are that when you eat KFC, it’s more of a guilty indulgence than a positive dietary decision — but the fast food giant is trying to change that with a new “healthy” grilled chicken range (and a $35 million marketing campaign).

Simon Canning at the Australian writes that KFC is planning a major ad blitz and an oven refit to push its new Cayan Grill range, including a Facebook campaign (though I notice it hasn’t bothered to update its main site yet with the new range – d’oh!) If you fancy giving it a try, OzBargain points out that there are free tastings on Tuesday 16 June in selected CBD locations.

For years, KFC (or Kentucky Fried Chicken as it still was then) was the only brand-name fast-food outlet in the town I grew up in, so I’ve always had a nostalgic fondness for it, 11 herbs and spices and all. Having a grilled option probably isn’t going to make me eat it more often, though — and even KFC’s own projections suggest it will only be 10% of sales. Do you think KFC can make the transformation in the Subway era? Share your greasy-fingered thoughts in the comments.

KFC to invest $35m on healthier options [The Australian]

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