Create A Log To Keep Track Of Your Job Search

If you’ve submitted more resumes to more places than you can possibly remember, it’s time to start keeping a log of where and when you’ve applied to each job.

Keeping a log is simple enough—you can create a spreadsheet with a list of the jobs you’ve applied for, the contact name, when you submitted your resume, whether you’ve followed up yet or not, and even the web site. Once you’ve put together your nicely organized list, you will be able to more easily tell when you should follow up with another email, or give them a call.

If you don’t want to create the spreadsheet yourself, Microsoft has a handy template that you can use—Excel 2007 users can simply use the New Workbook option, type in “job search” into the templates search box, and download the template right there—otherwise you can download the template from the Microsoft Office site.

Got any tips for your fellow readers on how you are keeping tabs on your own job search? Share them in the comments.

Job Search Log [Microsoft Office Online via Lyte Byte]

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