Monday, June 1, 2009
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Browse, Create And Share Recipes At Nibbledish

Nibbledish is an open-source cookbook for the wired world. If you’ve found other recipes sites to be overwhelmingly stuffed with nearly identical recipes and nondescript entries, you’ll love the variety and photos at Nibbledish.

Installing Vista SP2 Might Free Up Hard Drive Space

PC World reports that its forum users are, in some cases, seeing big chunks of their hard drives freed up after installing Vista Service Pack 2. It might be due to old Restore Points being wiped out, or because it runs a command-line cleaning tool, compcln.exe, but a good number of (successful) SP2 installers report tens of gigabytes opening up. [PC World]

Bing Goes Live—Here's What You Can Do With It

Bing, Microsoft’s newest take on web search, is open to everyone this morning. What makes it different from its really, really well-known competition, and what unique features does it offer? Let’s take a look at early reviews and discoveries.

3 Offers Free Facebook Access Until September

Feeling miserly with your mobile phone broadband data alliance? 3 has a slightly weird offering at the moment — free access to Facebook until August 31 on all its mobile data plans.

Pushing The Limits On IKEA Hacking

We’ve featured plenty of IKEA hacks here at Lifehacker, but it’s worth bearing in mind that repurposing an object designed to be constructed a very particular way can be a nerve-shredding process.

Hand Luggage Only: The Big Lessons Learned

A little over a month ago, I announced my plans to roam Australia on the ultimate business travel trek, visiting every state and territory for work while using just a single carry-on bag. Now the journey is over, what key lessons have I learned?

Everyday Rewards Offers Free Qantas Frequent Flyer Membership

Woolworths’ partnership with Qantas announced last year has borne its first fruit, with the supermarket rewards scheme offering free membership to Qantas’ Frequent Flyer scheme.

The Wine Case Desk

We’re big fans of recycling things into new and better things here at Lifehacker. Today’s featured workspace aptly turns a bunch of wine cases into a sturdy and storage-friendly desk.

Last Week's Best Posts

Kick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn’t miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

TypingWeb Offers Free Typing Lessons

Whether you’re an able but slow touch typist, or you never graduated beyond hunting and pecking, TypingWeb is a free and easy to use online typing tutor that will help you hone your keyboard chops.

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