Finding An ISP That Shapes To 128Kbps

shapingf you regularly find yourself getting “shaped” at the end of each month as you use up your monthly download limit, there are options out there that are faster than 64Kbps — but it pays to read the fine print.

Dan Warne at APC reports that Optus has altered the shaping policy on its naked DSL plans. The company had previously said in online documentation that users would be shaped to 128Kbps if they exceeded their monthly limit. That’s a much higher figure than the typical 64Kbps option offered by most providers who have a shaping option.

However, despite having placed that figure online and told some customers who found themselves shaped to a lower 64Kbps speed that this was a technical error, Optus has now said that it never intended to offer 128Kbps. If you had signed up for the plan, you can now make a no-penalty exit if the revised conditions don’t suit your needs. The post also rounds up a number of plans which offer 128Kbps shaping, though these are (inevitably) more expensive.

Optus admits slow broadband problem [APC]

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