$8 DIY Aluminum Laptop Stand

We’ve always been keen on DIY laptop stands, but reader Aaron Kravitz—inspired by an attractive $US50 stand—went above and beyond, creating one of the most attractive DIY laptop stand we’ve featured to date.

To his credit, it’s also a very inexpensive stand, especially considering its good looks. Aaron writes in:

Cardboard’s great and all, but with $US8 worth of metal, a hacksaw, and a few strips of leather, I built this thing. I got the idea from the $US50 mStand; seemed to me that making something that sexy shouldn’t be all that hard. For the bend I used my hands and a sawhorse.

As far as specs go… nothing exacting, but here’s what I found worked best.

Supports: 4 x 5.5″, 1/8″ by 1″
Bent Bar: 1 x 24″, 3/32″ by 3/4″

I chose aluminium because it looks nice, plus it’s soft and easy to work with. I couldn’t find any at home depot, but my local mum and pop hardware store had plenty; I got just what I needed for about $US8.

The top supports are on 6.5″ centres, the bottoms 6″. This worked best stability-wise for a 15″ MBP, but it works fine for anything bigger than a netbook. The supports only have one bolt apiece for looks, so I added a little bit of epoxy to each joint so things don’t slide around. As for bending the bar, I really just eyeballed it. Unloaded the top is about parallel with the bottom, so it sags nicely with a laptop on top.

I added leather pads (found at a local craft store) attached with double-sided tape so my laptop won’t get scratched; those who care about their desks might want ‘em on the bottom too.

Naturally, this thing is pretty durable. I’ve been using it for over a year now and the only wear is on the leather pads.

Aaron’s sweet DIY creation is another inexpensive and attractive alternative to the more expensive commercial options.