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Autofocus Is A Single, Paper-Based List Organisation System

Autofocus, an organisation system designed by personal organisation author Mark Forster, is available for all. If you’re looking for a linear, list-based system to help you get things done, Autofocus stresses simplicity and speed. The Autofocus system is oriented around dealing with work in a consistent and frequent way, to help workers quickly knock down mountains of work.

Twitlet Updates Twitter Easily (Without Extra Software)

Web application Twitlet embeds Twitter updating in a simple, works-in-any-browser bookmarklet that makes updating Twitter easy—without bloating your system with another piece of software. Setting up the service, which requires no signup, is extremely simple—just enter in your twitter account information on the Twitlet site, then drag the bookmarklet up to your toolbar. Clicking the bookmarklet will display a small JavaScript prompt where you can type your new status message—and you can use the special #link or #this keywords to add links to the current page using URL-shortening service Security-conscious readers will note that your account details are encrypted and stored in the bookmarklet, and as with any third-party service you may be concerned about giving them your account information. The ease of use factor alone, however, makes this worth a look. Twitlet is a free service, works with any browser that supports JavaScript bookmarklets. If keeping Twitter updated is killing your workflow, you should check out our guide to getting productive with social media.

Twitlet [via Download Squad]

Find Product Manuals At OwnerIQ

Find the manual for your product online at OwnerIQ, a site that catalogs thousands of manuals for consumer devices and offers forums for discussing their features and quirks. OwnerIQ goes a step beyond previously reviewed SafeManuals by providing not only manuals, but also extended on-site information about your products. You can use the site without registration to quickly locate manuals and accompanying literature for products you own. Registration adds the ability to ask questions in the product forums and create a profile of all your devices and manuals. Additionally, if there’s a recall or update for any product you’ve added to your profile, OwnerIQ will send you an email notification. After a Google search with filetype:pdf fails, OwnerIQ might be a key next stop in any hunt for how stuff works. Owner IQ [via MakeUseOf]

The First-Timer's Guide To Building A Computer From Scratch

If you’ve never done it before, the idea of building a computer from the ground up can seem very intimidating—but it’s one of the most satisfying projects a tech enthusiast can take on.

Firefox Mobile Available For HTC Touch Pro, Windows Mobile Phones

Firefox’s mobile browser, Fennec, is available in “milestone” (read: very alpha) downloads for HTC Touch Pro phones, but also most any Windows Mobile phone running at VGA (480×640). Early reports say it’s working, if slow. As the Mozilla team itself notes, this release has plug-ins disabled, features no soft keyboard input, doesn’t allow for program or add-on updating, and a few other “punts” made to get a working release out. Still, if you want to test out Fennec’s unique navigation and mobile browsing helpers and you’ve got a Windows Mobile phone, it could be worth a try—even if web site loading is not exactly snappy at this point. Fennec is a free download, built for the HTC Touch Pro but capable of running on Windows Mobile phones. A direct CAB link can be found right under the “Installation” heading in the link below. Fennec Milestone Release for Windows Mobile [Brad’s Blog (Mozilla) via Gizmodo]

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