Saturday, May 10, 2008
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View and Edit iPhone Notes in Your Browser with RemoteNote

iPhone/iPod touch only: The lamest omission in the whole of iPhone development is the lack of sync for Notes. Let’s be honest—the iPhone keyboard is nice, but you don’t want to have to use it for all your notes. That’s where RemoteNote comes in, a donationware iPhone application available through Whenever you run it, you can view, edit, create, delete, back up, and even print your notes through your web browser. Similar shareware tools have been available, but RemoteNote is the first no-cost option I’ve seen. RemoteNote works with both the iPhone and iPod touch, requires installation of the Jiggy Runtime (also from Installer) and a jailbroken iPhone. Thanks Lee!

Photoshop Express Adds Flickr Support

Web-based image editor Photoshop Express adds Flickr to its list of importable sources. Now you can grab images from your Flickr account, edit them in PS Express, and put them back all prettified without downloading a thing. It’s not full-on Photoshop, but still a great web-based editor for your Flickr photos.

Convert Any Text to an iTunes-Compatible Audiobook

Web site Mac OS X Hints details how to create an iTunes audiobook (i.e., an M4B audio file) from any text in just a couple of clicks. The process involves installing a new service to your Services menu, then selecting your to-be-audiobooked text and choosing AppName -> Services -> Speak to iTunes Audiobook. When the conversion is complete, the resulting audio file is automatically imported to iTunes in the Audiobooks section. The service uses the new Alex voice in Leopard, and the results are actually very listenable. 10.5: Convert text to iTunes audio book via Services item [Mac OS X Hints]

Tobu Organises Notes and Lists Like Nobody's Business

Windows/Linux only: Freeware application Tobu is a tag-based note-taking tool with an emphasis on efficiency and keyboard shortcuts. Like most capture applications of this kind, Tobu may take some time to fully understand and integrate into your workflow, but you’ll likely be rewarded once you do. I haven’t spent enough of that time with Tobu, but after FreewareGenius’ rave review, it looks like a strong alternative to shareware-only, previously mentioned Evernote (though it’s lacking the multimedia element). Tobu is freeware, currently in beta, Windows and Linux only.

OrbLive Streams Live TV to Your iPhone or iPod Touch

iPhone/iPod touch only: You may be familiar with Orb for its music or TV-streaming abilities (it can even turn your Wii into a media center), but now the folks at Orb have taken on the iPhone and iPod touch with a new application called OrbLive. You can now stream live television to your device, in addition to music, videos, photos, and everything else Orb is known for. Hit the jump for a look at Orb’s live streaming in action and a guide for installing OrbLive on your iPhone or iPod touch.

The Pilot's Pen Lights and Writes

Whether you’re flying a jumbo jet at night or working on a crossword puzzle in the dark, the Pilot’s Pen is a nifty solution. The LED-powered penlight illuminates the page while you write, or you can retract the ink and just use it as a mini flashlight—useful for checking a map or locating something in the night driver’s glove compartment. The Pilot’s Pen will set you back 20 bucks, and it’s available at Amazon. Pilot’s Pen [Cool Tools]

YouTube Comment Snob Filters Stupid Comments

Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): Firefox extension YouTube Comment Snob filters comments on YouTube videos that don’t meet your snobbish standards. It does so using a combination of criteria, like a user-defined threshold of spelling errors (using Firefox’s spell-checker), excessive punctuation, and excessive capitalisation. You can enable or disable any of the filter options if you don’t mind capital letters, for example, and you can view any hidden comment by simply clicking Show. It’s a pretty saucy little extension, but now it’s hard not to want a full-on Internet Comment Snob. YouTube Comment Snob [Firefox Add-ons]

Sync Your iPhone Wirelessly in Linux

Apple may open up its iPhone and iPod touch devices to third-party apps next month, but the chances that Linux users will get invited to the party are slim at best. That hasn’t stopped some intrepid hackers from coming up with a better music-syncing solution than the one Mac and Windows users have—a two-way wireless transfer, from almost any music organising app you like, no wait for iTunes or USB cable required. Linux users, let’s take a look at how to set up your iPhone or iPod touch for any-time wireless access after the jump.

Your Gmail Feature Wishlist?

Once upon a time, gigabytes of storage space and message labels and IMAP access in web-based email was unheard of—until Gmail raised the industry bar and user expectations of what you get with your free webmail account. But now that we’re all used to Gmail’s goodness, it’s time to cast a critical eye at the little niggly things that are missing from Gmail’s web client. This week I spent two hours wrestling two Gmail accounts to the ground trying to hack together a filtered auto-response that only goes to certain annoying senders. (The approach worked for Adam back in the day, but it was a no-go for me.) The futile exercise made me think of just a few features I wish Gmail had built-in, but doesn’t. Namely:

Prevent Windows from Making Copies While Control-Clicking

You’ve just finished carefully control-selecting all those files you need to move off your desktop and into a container folder, and then, one hand slip later, you have twice as many to deal with. The How-To Geek finds the fix, both inside Microsoft’s Swiss-Army-Fixer, TweakUI, and in two registry values you can find inside the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop key. Change DragHeight and DragWidth to somewhere North of 10, and you’ll get far fewer accidental copies. Hit the link for a pre-compiled fix and detailed instructions. Fixing Annoyances: Stop Windows from Copying Files Accidentally When Ctrl-Click Selecting [The How-To Geek]

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