Tuesday, April 1, 2008
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Share Files and Screenshots Instantly with Clip2Net

Windows only: Free web clipping and file sharing tool Clip2Net is an easy-to-use system tray applet when it’s on the desktop, but its real value may be its online storage space. Sign up for a free account at Clip2Net and you get 500 MB of space to store screenshots, files, or whole folders—just select the screen area or drop the files into the “drop zone” and hit publish, and you’ll have a link to offer collaborators or friends. Clip2Net also features built-in Picnik integration for screenshot/image editing, and files can be password protected. Clip2Net is a free download for Windows systems only.

Seven Body Signs and Pains You Shouldn't Ignore

There are those who fear impending death at the slightest change in nasal congestion, and then there are those who constantly push abnormal aches and pains aside, hoping they’ll just go away. If you identify with the latter group, health web site WebMD rounds up seven pains you should not ignore, no matter how busy your schedule. For example: Pain or Discomfort in the Chest, Throat, Jaw, Shoulder, Arm, or Abdomen: Chest pain could be pneumonia or a heart attack. But be aware that heart conditions typically appear as discomfort, not pain. “Don’t wait for pain,” says cardiologist Jerome Cohen, MD. “Heart patients talk about pressure. They’ll clench their fist and put it over their chest or say it’s like an elephant sitting on their chest.”

Easily Create MP3s for Your Phone with ToneShop (iPhone Included)

Windows only: Freeware application ToneShop creates ringtones from a variety of formats, for a variety of formats supported by most popular mobile phones (including the iPhone). To use it, just point ToneShop to the WAV, WMA, M4A, or MP3 file you want to use as your source, and then use ToneShop’s simple editing tools to choose the start and end time of your ringtone. Choose the output format supported by your cell phone, hit convert, and voilà—you’ve got a new ringtone. ToneShop could use a bit of polish on the interface, but as young as it is, it still makes it dead simple to create ringtones for your phone in just a few clicks. ToneShop is freeware, Windows only. If you’ve got a preferred ringtone tool that puts ToneShop to shame, let’s hear about it in the comments. ToneShop [via FreewareGenius]

March 2008's Most Popular Posts

If you were too busy being productive instead of reading Lifehacker this month, have a quick rundown of March’s most popular posts: Top 10 Software Easter Eggs“Sure we like our chocolate bunny ears, but around these parts the best easter eggs aren’t painted pink and stuffed with jelly beans—they’re the undocumented and unexpected fun features hidden deep inside various software apps.” Turn Your PC into a DVD Ripping Monster“Commercial DVDs are far too expensive to let scratches turn your video into a glorified coaster, but most people still don’t back up their DVD collection.” Protect Your Privacy When Downloading“Whether you’re downloading copyrighted material or not, no one likes to have their activities online monitored.” Download Music from Your Friends’ iTunes Libraries Over the Internet with Mojo“Windows/Mac only: Share any song in your iTunes library and download any song from your friends’ iTunes libraries over the internet with freeware application Mojo.” Top 10 Ways to Get Cables Under Control“When you finally decide it’s time to do something about that rat’s nest of cables that’s spreading like kudzu, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to get it under control.” Get Back to Your Mac Without Paying for It“When Leopard was released, one of the most enticing new features was Back to My Mac, a tool that made it possible to access your home computer remotely—including remote control of your desktop and access to your files—no matter where you are.” Caught Downloading Copyrighted Material—Now What?“Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from Cablevision (my ISP) saying that Paramount/Dreamworks had filed a complaint with them regarding my illegal download of one of their films.” Run Windows Apps Seamlessly Inside Linux“You love working inside your Linux desktop, but at the most inconvenient times you’ve got to reboot into Windows—whether to open a tricky Office file, try out a Windows application, or even just play a quick game.” First Look at Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy Heron” Beta“Every six months when a new version of Ubuntu Linux gets released, long-time users and curious toe-dippers ask the same questions: ‘What’s new?’; ‘Is it worth upgrading?’; and, ‘Will my wireless card finally work with this version?'”

Mozilla interview

As Mozilla gears up for its 10th birthday and the release of Firefox 3, Wired’s published an interview with longtime Mozilla contributor Asa Dotzler, (Mozilla’s Director of Community Development) on “Firefox, Fighting Bloat and the Problem with Democracy“. He has some interesting things to say about how features are chosen for inclusion in Firefox (it’s not a democracy!) and of course the performance boost we can expect from Firefox 3. Rock on!

GraphJam brings the LOL to graphs

Who knew it was possible? LOLcats just got nerdier with the birth of GraphJam – a site which mashes up pop culture references with… graphs. The site tagline is “Pop culture for people in cubicles” and I spotted some cute productivity and geek inspired graphs when I flicked through the site (Lifehackers will probably appreciate the Piechart of Procrastination).

The site was created by the team behind LOLcats, and like that venerable website, GraphJam also publishes reader’s creations. The site was inspired by rap/graph mashup site JamPhat, according to a Wired interview.

Search Locally Without Typing with New Google Mobile Tool

Search for local businesses in your area without resorting to your clunky mobile keyboard with the new, quietly unleashed Google Mobile feature found at google.com/m/lcb. When you navigate to the “lcb” page (local businesses?), Google Mobile identifies what city you’re in (or tries to—my test had me in either Columbus, OH [wrong]or Los Angeles [right!] ), so all you have to do is click through the business categories to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for. As the ZDNet post points out, the feature would be a lot more useful if it pinpointed your location within the city à la Google Maps on the iPhone, but either way it could come in really handy if you aren’t keen on using your unfriendly mobile keyboard. Google Mobile LCB [via ZDNet]

Adobe Air for Linux

Adobe has posted an alpha version of AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) for Linux on its website.  

The PC and Mac OS X versions of AIR, a program which lets developers build web apps which also run on the desktop, are already out.

According to the Wired writeup, the alpha release which Adobe’s made available has a few glitches still. “There are still a few kinks to be worked out, like printing support and support for coding in DRM technologies — something unwanted by most programmers you know, but a requirement for many of the media companies wanting to build specialized media players for music and video.”

Adobe Release AIR for Linux , Sees Better Linux Apps on Horizon [Wired]

Web Worker Comp

You can win a copy of the The Web Worker Daily blog’s book Connect: A Guide to a New Way of Working if you answer their 8 question reader survey. You’ll need to supply your name and email address, but they won’t be keeping the information, it will only be used to contact you if you win the prize draw. Head over to WWD for more details – the competition closes on April 9.

Help Azureus monitor P2P download limiting by ISPs

One of the latest tactics in the war against P2P file sharing has been for ISPs to restrict the speed of P2P downloads by their customers. This practise doesn’t discriminate between legal or pirated downloads, it just targets P2P traffic. Now Vuze, the creators of popular P2P sharing application, Azureus, are asking their user base to help them collect information about ISP behaviour by installing a plugin which will help them gather information on P2P traffic throttling.The Network Status Monitor (PC only at this stage) plugin monitors your network connections and measures and displays the number of interrupted connections (called reset tcp connections) every ten minutes. By ticking “share results” you also share the results with Vuze’s central server, which enables them to aggregate the results and compare them with customers of other ISPs.Vuze has said they may aggregate the data collected and talk about it or disclose it publicly, but no personally identifying data will be collected and no data about any specific user will be disclosed.Azureus has been collecting data about ISPs for a while – the Azureus Wiki lists four Australian ISPs on its global list of “Bad ISPs” who interfere with P2P traffic.

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